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About Us

Accreditations are not just certificates; they are an ongoing proof that a surgical center or hospital is a provider of high-quality care and services that adherent to the standards of safety as well. Our unique software not only outlines, but digitalizes all the accreditation paperwork so the staff knows what to do, where they stand, and what needs to improve. Accurate Accreditation is the ultimate solution to be on the right path and never leave it.

Accurate Accreditation offers plug-and-play accreditation software solution that integrates seamlessly with your ambulatory surgery center. From bookkeeping to analytics, Accurate Accreditation streamlines the flow of your daily processes. It organizes your data in the most efficient, useful and compliant way. It’s the first of its kind — SURVEYOR APPROVED— an all-inclusive accreditation software that directly follows the AAAHC, The Joint Commission, AAASF, CMS, IMQ, and HFAP’s rules and regulations — allowing for real-time audits. Setup is quick and easy, thanks to a universal installation. The handy how-to guide will answer any questions you may have along the way. Accurate Accreditation is a 360-degree solution. It offers comprehensive preparation for pre-, during and post-surveys; built-in reminder alerts; monthly dashboards; annual updates, analytics and is HIPAA COMPLIANT!

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Why Choose Us

Paperless & Efficient

How many times do we see ourselves trapped in a dead-end because a process requires a huge amount of paper? The storage space, the ordering and most importantly, the misplacing of it can be a huge drawback at a crucial time. It´s time to move forward, and test the amazing benefits of virtual storage. Be more efficient, be paperless.

Real-Time Reporting

Every piece of information that´s captured electronically is available immediately for all people with the correct hierarchy privilege to see it. With this feature you can forget about people reporting to you, if it´s done, you can see it.

Automated Reporting

With this feature, gathering all the info for the next board meeting has never been so easy. The needed info is just some clicks away. Remember that every single piece of info generated is available immediately? Well, just organizing that data will result in a complete report.

Accurate Information

The info our software gathers is 100% accurate and perfectly organized. This will give you more time to focus on management. If you are not running after the information, you have more time to know what to do with it and let the wisest management decisions ever guide your company to success.

Reminders & Notifications

Never let all the responsibility of the tasks to be completed on a simple pair of shoulders. All reminders and notifications can be set automatically by the system so you will never miss a crucial task again.

24/7 Access

Our software will never let you wondering about at which step you are in the certification process, you can know exactly what goes on across the board in real time. As long as you have internet access, you are in control.

Additional Features:

Prompt Updates to Rules & Regulations

Direct Link to Useful and Helpful Resources

Required Log Documentation