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The Accreditation Assistant
A first of its kind, plug-and-play, fully customizable, web-based, software suite made to streamline your ambulatory surgical center's accreditation.
The Accreditation Assistant
Surveyor approved software directly following AAAHC, The Joint Commission, Quad A, ACHC, and CMS guidelines including all state rules and regulations.

Designed for Surgical Centers
Experience our award-winning software, designed by surgical center professionals with real-world experience. Trusted and recommended by surveyors nationwide, our solution is built by administrators who understand your needs.

Designed for ASC Administrators
Are you surveyor ready? Our software grants you immediate access to all your data. Say goodbye to the hassle of papers, binders, files, logs, and spreadsheets. Experience a streamlined and paperless solution.

Designed for Your Staff
Effortlessly structure your staff's workflow with our Accreditation Assistant. Enjoy unlimited user accounts to document daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly tasks in our cutting-edge cloud-based software, ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations.
Proudly Serving Clients Throughout the US...

Manual methods are...


Administrators are devoting excessive time and effort to track down notes and documents.

Error Prone

Obtaining a clear understanding of your ASC's accreditation status at any given moment can be a challenging task.


ASC administrators are not able to swiftly identify and address issues lurking within their daily workflow.

An "out of the box" software suite...
A plug-and-play, fully customizable, web-based, software suite made to streamline your ambulatory surgical center's accreditation. It's desktop and mobile ready.
Maintain your logs.
Accrediation Assistant makes all your manual logs digital, and it keeps them all in one spot. Built-in reminders check the status of missing logs, so you can focus your staff's attention on what matters...your patients.
Check expired documents, medications, and supplies.
With interactive links that take you directly to information concerning your expired documents, medications, and supplies, you can focus on exactly what you need to update or purchase.
Chat with a professional.
Having trouble? Get professional help easily with a built-in chat feature and access to our staff. They can help you through ASC accrediation questions in addition to technical support.

Accreditation Assistant helps...

Streamline Up-keep

Access an interactive dashboard that provides a comprehensive overview of your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks at a glance.

Minimize Training Needs

Save valuable time for administrators by eliminating the need for extensive training of new or existing staff members. Our templated log books are designed to handle those needs on your behalf.

Minimize the Need for Outside Consulting

The Accreditation Assistant serves as your virtual consultant, keeping you informed about the newest requirements from multiple accreditation bodies.

Minimize Daily Disruptions

Our platform ensures you never miss crucial information while giving you the freedom to address matters on your own schedule.

It's Accreditation Time!

Tracking the accreditation and compliance status of an ambulatory surgical center manually is a daunting task, leaving you uncertain about where you stand at any given moment.

Sound familiar?

When certification time rolls around, you find yourself scrambling from person to person and room to room, struggling to gather incomplete records and search for elusive reports.

We understand your frustration.

At Accurate Accreditation, we are committed to upholding the provisions of high-quality healthcare by embracing nationally recognized standards. That's why surveyors love us—they rely on Accurate Accreditation in their own ASCs too!

Say goodbye to the chaos and embrace the efficiency of Accurate Accreditation. Streamline your accreditation and compliance processes, and gain peace of mind knowing you're in sync with industry standards.

We've Been There
Accurate Accreditation's staff knows what you are going through, because we have done it. We are filled with industry experts with REAL experience. This gives us the knowledge to help you in areas where you will need it most.

Easy Tools for Ambulatory
Surgery Center Accreditation

Stay ahead of accreditation guidelines effortlessly with our user-friendly software. Get timely notifications for any guideline changes or additions. Chat with experienced consultants who have direct access to surveyors for all your questions.

Access to Consultants

and Surveyors

Experience instant access to professional assistance with just a click!

Our team includes surveyors and administrators who are readily available to provide expert consulting support and address any questions you may have. Benefit from their expertise and guidance whenever you need it.

Task Reminders

Effortlessly track all your processes using our user-friendly templates. Stay on top of important tasks such as calibration duties, missing log entries, and expired fire safety inspections with timely reminders. Simplify your workflow and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Digital Recordkeeping

Explore a wide range of topics directly from the accreditation handbook. Curious about your center's performance? No worries - simply use the interactive search bar to find any record topic, and instantly access all the required records, reminders, expired documents, and tasks related to it. Say goodbye to the tedious hunt for paperwork and enjoy effortless visibility into your center's records at all times.

Digital Log Books

Choose from our extensive collection of pre-formatted templates, all approved by surveyors, to ensure your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual checks are in full compliance. Whether you need to conduct crash-cart equipment checks, monitor OR room temperature and humidity, or maintain blanket warmer logs, we have you covered with a comprehensive range of templates. 

Interactive Dashboards

Interactive dashboards give you a "birds eye view" of your center's operations, so you are always kept up to date and in compliance.

Stay Connected
Connected, HIPAA-Compliant Software
Experience the convenience of plug-and-play accreditation software solutions with Accurate Accreditation. From bookkeeping to analytics, our software streamlines your daily processes, ensuring efficient and compliant data organization. As the first of its kind, our surveyor-approved, all-inclusive accreditation software adheres directly to the rules and regulations of AAAHC, The Joint Commission, Quad A, ACHC, and CMS, enabling real-time audits. Setting up is a breeze, and our helpful how-to guide is readily available to address any questions you may have during the process. Embrace the simplicity and effectiveness of Accurate Accreditation for your accreditation needs.
Stay Informed
Consultants and Surveyors on Staff
Rely on our experienced staff for all your Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) accreditation needs. At Accurate Accreditation, our consulting division specializes in providing comprehensive compliance, development, training, and management solutions specifically tailored for ASCs. Whether it's your first accreditation or a reappointment, we have the expertise to assist you every step of the way. Trust Accurate Accreditation for all your ASC accreditation requirements. 
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